The iPhone 3GS

3GS (back)

In August of 2009, a mere month before I left for university I bought myself my first iPhone. The 3GS was released only a couple of months prior and it was an item I’d been lusting after since its announcement. I’d been interested in the iPhone 3G and the original iPhone before that but neither had really tempted me to the point of actually getting the phone. However, after feeling my granddad’s 3GS in my hand and actually using it as a phone I realised that I needed one.

So I used all of my birthday money to buy a 16GB 3GS contract free. I still have this phone and although I have been through two 3Gs and an iPhone 4 since then, and am currently sporting a 4S, I have a soft spot for the 3GS.

3GS text

For me, the 3G and 3GS had the best form factor. I’m holding my still perfectly functional phone and wondering how I was so enticed by the 4. After playing around with it for the past couple of days I’m wondering why I felt I needed the 4 or 4S. The 3GS, while noticeably slower than my current phone, puts up a good fight. For me, the main drawback of the 3GS is the camera. After living with an 8 MP camera in my pocket for the past months I don’t think I could go back. However, iOS 5 supporting the 3GS I can see why Apple are still selling it new (although I don’t know if I’d cope taking out a fresh 2 year contract and using a 3GS for the full duration). Even though I was really wowed but the 4s retina display, the 3GS’ screen holds up surprisingly well.

3GS nonretina

Even though it’s taken a beating, You’ll be surprised to hear that it is fully functional. Calls and texts work fine, as well was the speakers and vibration motor. The screen has been smashed to bits but it still functions perfectly with precision and accuracy with every touch. I can’t believe how broken the screen is yet it still works!

3GS jack3GS smashed

In conclusion, the iPhone 3GS is the iPhone that got me into iPhones. It was a leap forward in it’s day and is still a worthwhile upgrade for a great many people; especially those who are moving upwards from non-smartphones. I just don’t know how long it can hang on with a lot of graphically intense games either performing terribly or flat out not supporting it. It’s a shame, because it’s such a beautiful device :)

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